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DEC 18, 2015

Again another year without writing the news. Haven't stopped running around playing writing rehearsing producing what so ever. Now ready for the Xmas break with my kids and family. That's the news for today. Short.

OCT 21, 2014

A day off in Indiana, PA - USA. Wow... ten months since I last wrote on this page. I went to the Steinway Hall in NYC a few days ago (I'm on tour with Andy Milne's lovely project Strings and Serpents, also featuring the master koto players Ai Kajigano and Tsugumi Yamamoto and the remarkable animation film by Saki Murotani), and figured out with the assistance of Betsie Hirsch from the Steinway Hall (thanks Betsie !) that my piano was born in NY in August 1879, and shipped to London GB a couple of weeks later. Wondering who bought it first. Now... what has happened since last january ? - The 6th Kartet record (with now drummer ace Stéphane Galland) was released on Songlines in march, I have been gigging around projects as a leader or a sideman, theatre too, wrote music for a couple of movies (will tell you more about them later on), and did quite some recordings including our new collective quartet called Illegal Crowns uniting Mary Halvorson, Taylor Ho Bynum, Tomas Fujiwara and myself (we premiered the group in Vincenza Fest Italy and Paris last may) - this will be out on parisian label RogueArt. Also a few weeks ago I've recorded with amazing singer and poet Jody Pou, about 2 hours of intense music and words to be edited and mixed asap. I also recorded two hours of music with belgian wizard Jozef Dumoulin on keys and electronics (on both those recordings I play keys and piano and my drum'n bass set-up -  we will record some more Jozef and I in Studio de Meudon next december in even better sonic conditions). On Nov 1-2 we will record "Strings and Serpents" at the Yamaha Salon in NYC... Steve Argüelles and I produced a track for "Les Greniers de la Mémoire", a France-Musique weekly program produced by Karine Le Bail... and premiered our new duo project PIANOCTAIL at la Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues Pantin/Paris where I played the grand equiped with Bob Moog's "piano bar" whereas Steve processed the midi files of my playing on the fly by sending them into a disklavier - a remote piano remix. Amazing. Igor Juget shot the gig and we're presently working on a video of the concert. The ingeneous and always musical Pierre Bastien designed an amazing set of four musical machineries for us to be premiered with Pianoctail in Le Triton (Les Lilas/Paris) next december. Planning to record a new piano solo opus on my venerable instrument at Plushspace Paris in december... Silence Plateau (teaser here, in french), a theatre, film and musical show is to be premiered early 2016 - a text and film (which is part of the play !) by writer/film director Françoise Fraisse after an idea by me, featuring comedians Irène jacob, Jérôme Kircher, musicans Steve Argüelles and myself, sound designer and foley artist Nicolas Becker and sound magician Djengo Hartlap. Director Mohamed Rouabhi joins the dance. I will soon be sitting at my desk in order to compose for a new TV documentary film by Catherine Bernstein: this will be our fourth collaboration - it will feature the subtile cello playing of british cellist Lucy Railton and... my newly bought venerable 1879 Steinway. TIll next time - greetings !

JAN 19, 2014
Lots of things have happened since the end of september... among which I finally recorded my electronic solo project MAD MACS at PlushSpace Paris a couple of days ago. Steve Argüelles is producing this project for me, always good to have him at the studio, nice remarks, nice views on music as always. Igor Juget filmed some of the sessions with two HD cameras. First time I ever record with my new electronic set-up that features a self-made patch for controlling my interface from the tablet. Quite incredible, really. The same Steve is currently mixing the new THE RECYCLERS disc which sounds fabulous... four tracks are done by now and I can't wait to listen to each mix he sends me for feedback. Also, the good news is I'm about to buy a 1884 B Steinway piano, completely refined... cross fingers. Love that sound, love that vibe. Back soon for more news !

SEP 30, 2013
A new recording by The Recyclers (Steve Argüelles, Christophe "Disco" Minck and myself) is currently being finalized at PlushSpace, Paris. On september 6 Izumi Kimura premiered my "Self Portraits in Calligrams", a piano work written for her at the National Concert Hall in Dubln  She did amazing (I was there !)... this 12min piece will be recorded in Paris next May. Also I've mixed a quartet improv recording of a very exciting new project uniting Mary Halvorson, Taylor Ho Bynum, Tomas Fujiwara and myself. Recorded at PlushSpace last march, it may be released on Rogue Art. Another recording of this band is about to be planned, this time with original compositions by the four members. I also have the pleasure to annouce that a new trio is born and I'm thrilled to be able to perform in a trio format with Evan Parker and Barre Philips, two of my favorite improvisers ever (dates TBA, just starting) ! The new Kartet disc called "Grand Laps" is to be mastered by Djengo Hartlap shortly - the release on Songlines is planned for February 2014.

AUG 01, 2013

On the train back from Vagues de Jazz Festival in les Sables d'Ollone where I played in Edward Perraud's Synaesthetic Trip Quartet last night. A great quartet for a great festival. Nice after hours with Joëlle Léandre and Elise Caron and the band and families and all the volunteers plus a bunch of jazz writers in shorts - a lovely 1:30 am swim in the Atlantic. Now, listening to the Recyclers's session at Davout last June feeling we almost have the album in the can by now Also I had the pleasure to listen to Izumi Kimura play my piano works I wrote for her - on Skype ! - very impressed by her commitment to the music, and looking forward to  sit down in the Concert Hall in Dubin on sept 06 to listen to her play this as well as Ravel's masterpiece "Gaspard de la Nuit" and some Takemitsu works ! Izumi is a fabulous piano player who has performed some Nancoarrow, Ligeti and younger composers - check her Irsih composer recent disc. Usually I never write my own piano parts or studies... but since Izumi asked me to write for her last year when she visited me to talk about improv, I really had to  work on it for months. Feels like there'll be some more of those works in the future, starting to like this slowness of writing longer material than "tunes"... even if sometimes writing a tunes may take me... weeks if not months.

JUNE 28, 2013

Another intense recording session yesterday with The Recyclers (Steve Argüelles on drums and TR808, Christophe 'Disco' Minck on el bass, Moog traveler, Ngoni, guitar-sitar, and myself on diverse keys including vintage keyboards among which a venerable "portable" Farfisa organ and its not less venerable Roland RE501, a Jupiter 6 as well as lots of samples from my 1986 Prophet VS). Soon before moving back to NYC poet Saul Williams deeply honored us by diving all day long into the Recyclers' improvised beats and booms with his magical voice and words. Igor Juget shot it all. Thanks to Saul ! Disco and Loïk Dury for the invite to record at Kraked (Paris) !

JUNE 17, 2013

Presently in the North of France writing some solo piano works (about 12 minutes) to be premiered by Dublin-based pianist Izumi Kimura on September 6, 2013 in Dublin. These works will also be performed by Izumi on May 13th, 2014 at the Théâtre de Chelles near Paris.

MAY 14, 2013  

It's been quite busy since last december. Several recordings: a trio for NuScope with Gerry Hemingway and Samuel Blaser (only new material from us three), a new Kartet disc with our new drummer Stéphane Galland (to be released on Songlines, new material as well), a quartet improv session at PlushSpace with Taylor Ho Bynum, Mary Halvorson and Tomas Fujiwara very likely to be released on Rogue Art), and a live recording with Joëlle Léandre and Carnage the Executioner at Sons d'Hiver Festival last february. Also we played "Tout va bien en Amérique" (see below) a show by David Lescot and myself for three weeks at Theatre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris, then Mulhouse and Chelles... also in Paris I finished the production of Samuel Blaser's "A mirror to Machaud" quintet recording with Joachim Badenhorst, Drew Gress, Gerry Hemingway and Russ Lossing (to be released on Songlines)...  We also had a great recording session with The Recyclers (wih Steve Argüelles and Christophe "Disco" Minck) yesterday at Studio Davout... The Recyclers will also record with Saul Williams and Mike Ladd in June... Presently composing 4 pieces for piano for Japanese/Irish virtuoso Izumi Kimura to be premiered next september. Keeping myself busy as you see...

DEC 12, 2012

John Hébert trio with Gerald Cleaver and Benoît has recorded at Tedesco NJ their new CD which includes the Trinity Suite by John. Release date TBA !

NOV 20, 2012

Presently at the California Institute of the Arts - we are collectively composing and rehearsing the Strings and Serpents project together with brother pianist Andy Milne (who initiated the project) and the amazing TsuguKaji-Koto duo (Ai Kajigano and Tsugumi Yamamoto) plus the not less amazing Saki Murotani directing the 3D animation film - the encounter between the two pianos and the two kotos is truly amazing... spending some time with experimenting new approaches preparations for the four instruments. We will be hopefully posting excerpts of the music shortly. This project will be premiered at the end of 2013. Everything TBC+A.

NOV 18, 2012
Presently finalizing the FUN HOUSE project, a double jazz trio plus live-processed electronics uniting Fred Hersch, Mark Helias, Jean-Jacques Avenel, Steve Argüelles, Gerry Hemingway and Benoît. This new band toured last may in Europe and recorded at Studio de Meudon, a session engineered and mixed by sound ace Etienne Bultingaire, mastered by Djengo Hartlap at Artlab Paris. The disc will be released in FEB 2013 on Songlines. 9 compositions by Delbecq and a piano duo version of Lonely Woman by Ornette Coleman. Made possible with the funding of the French-American Jazz Exchange program.

NOV 10, 2012
"Tout va bien en Amérique", a show depicting the history of the United States, will be premiered and performed for three weeks at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris, on March the 19th, 2013. Also in Chelles (77) and Mulhouse La Filature later in April. It will tour in JAN/FEB 2014. With Irène Jacob, Ursuline Kairston, Mike Ladd, D' de Kabal, Franco Mannara, Steve Argüelles, Eric Vernhes, and Benoît. Director: David Lescot.   a Stratégies Obliques collective co-production.

NOV 04, 2012
At the Jazztopad Festival in Wroclaw, Poland. Four new compositions by Benoît written for the outstanding Lutoslawski string quartet and two improvisers (Miles Perkin on bass, and Benoît) have been premiered and recorded.

OCT 25, 2012
Izumi Kimura, a Dublin-based ace japanese pianist, will premiere 4 studies for piano she commissioned to Benoît. In Dublin, Sept 07, 2013.


























































































































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