_____________________________ C O L L E C T I V E S   a n d   G R O U P S

As a player, an improviser and a composer, Benoît Delbecq is involved in many collective projects, an essential side of his work.

R e c e n t l y    f o r m e d    g r o u p s

_______________________________________ since 2016

Pierre Bastien, tp and objects - Benoît Delbecq and Steve Argüelles, 4 hands prepared piano
This trio was premiered at MIMI Festival in Marseille in July 2016. A music made of mysterious grooves and qitoxic trumpet odisseys.
Out on dStream June 27, 2021. Recorded in june 2021 at Bureau de Son / Plushspace.

_______________________________________ since 2015

medusabeats photomedusa beats
Benoît Delbecq, piano and analog synth - Petter Eldh, bass - Jonas Bürgwinkel, drums
This trio was formed at the Klang Festival Köln in November 2014 . Compositions from the three members of the group, bringing their own ear attitudes and altitudes into the collective process. A CD recorded at WDR Köln in 2017 will be released in 2018.

Twin keys
Benoît Delbecq, piano, drum 'n bass station - Jozef Dumoulin, Fender Rhodes and drum'n bass station
Evergreens by PLUG AND PRAY is out on dStream.

Deep Ford

Robin Fincker, clarinet and tenor sax - Benoît Delbecq, piano and bass station - Sylvain Darrifourcq, drums and perc. Photo by Julien Bourgeois.

_______________________________________ since 2014
Illegal crowns
Ho Bynum - Halvorson - Delbecq - Fujiwara
Illegal Crowns
Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet, flugehorn - Mary Halvorson, guitar - Benoît Delbecq, piano - Tomas Fujiwara, drums
CD 2016 on RogueArt ! Liner notes by Taylor Ho Bynum !
This new quartet was formed in march 2013 in Paris.  A mixture of improv and compositions and sound threading highlighted by the strong personalities of the players and a solid sense of deep and abstract grooves. NEW VINYL OUT on ROGUE ART !!!!!

_______________________________________ since 2013
Fourth Landscape
Blaser - Delbecq - Hemingway
Fourth Landscape
Samuel Blaser, trombone - Benoît Delbecq, piano - Gerry Hemingway, drums and percussion.
This new trio was formed in Januray 2013 - the CD is now out on NuScope ! Compositions from the three members of the group, bringing their own ear attitudes and altitudes into the collective process.

Benoît Delbecq, piano - Steve Argüelles, midi control to disklavier piano
This new duo was formed in September 2013. It was premiered in Paris with a musical installation by Pierre Bastien. Benoît's keyboard parameters are caught by a Midi Bar (Moog), data is sent to Steve's Usine who recycles Benoît's playing into a midi-controlled piano.

________________________________________ since 2011
  with Nicolas Becker (foley artist) and Steve Argüelles (drums and electronics) 

OUT ON dStream
This new trio is a unique combination: Ambitronix extended to a trio with Nicolas Becker, a Oscar-winner acclaimed foley-artist and sound designer who dives into live improvisations: a rare thing. Argüelles, Delbecq and Becker have founded the Coop studio and production non-profit
Bureau de Son in Paris. First album to be released soon, currently under production. The band has performed in various occasions in France, Belgium and Italy on silent films, as well as for Marcelline Delbecq's visual art installations.

o l d e r    b a n d s ,   s t i l l   a t   i t .

Since 1989 haskpressionjellyfishingjyvaskylathe bay windowGrandLaps
Kartet with Guillaume Orti (alto sax), Hubert Dupont (bass), Chander Sardjoe (today with Stéphane Galland, drums). 

"A great quartet with a well defined sound" (The New York Times), Kartet is one of France's finest contemporary jazz band. The members of Kartet are responsible for the creating of the Hask Collective, a collective for creative music that contributed to renew the parisian scene (1992-2004). Kartet has performed all over Europe as well as Canada.    more about Kartet

Since 1993  DavoutRhymesvisitsonglines anthologymorceaux choisicellophanebig loungevaldungarycoopercreatures8cielunhommeunvrai
The Recyclers
  with Steve Argüelles (drums) and Christophe "Disco" Minck (electric bass, harp, ngoni) - formerly with Noël Akchoté on guitar).
A new album is coming in 2014 !
After touring Europe and Canada in the 1990's with Noël Akchoté, the Recyclers have worked with singers/songwriters Corin Curschellas (on two discs), Katerine (on two discs and the soundtrack of "Un homme un vrai" by the Larrieu bros), and two discs with Ashley Slater.      A new recording will be released on dStream in 2016 !  more about the recyclers

Les Amants de Juliette with Serge Adam (trumpet) and Philippe Foch (tablas and percussions).
This trio plays a nomadic and transe-like music, where prepared piano and indian tablas magically mingle under the winds of Serge Adam's trumpet. Les Amants de Juliette have toured in Europe, South America and North Africa. more about Les Amants de Juliette

Since 1997 wedaman9Vtrippin
Ambitronix with Steve Argüelles (drums and electronics).
This long-term duo combines the freedom of open-minded improvisation with the high temperature of electronica beats and booms. Here Benoît plays the piano and some 9V keys, magician Steve Argüelles is on drums and live electronics. Ambitronix has toured mostly in Europe. more about Ambitronix

Since 2000 pianobook
PianoBook with Steve Argüelles (electronics).  
Benoit at the piano improvises when Steve Argüelles sitting next to the piano is busy processing electronic assistance and obstacles, bringing his producer's ears expertise on the music. PianoBook has been performing in Europe.  more about PianoBook

Since 2006 Silencers
Silencers with Kim Myhr (guitar), Nils Ostendorf (trumpet), Toma Gouband (percussions).
This group develops a music of its own made of minimal statements and a maximal focus on collective sound and textures. The group has performed in Norway, Holland, Switzerland, France, and Germany.
more about silencers

Since 2006  Poolplayers
Poolplayers  with Arve Henriksen (trumpet), Lars Juul (drums), Steve Argüelles (electronics).
A tasty combination of great improvisers for a music that's unique in its modus operandi and gender. The group has performed in a few major french Jazz Festivals.
more about poolplayers


__________  as well as regular duos with

Since 1990  Steve Argüelles   (see above: Ambitronix, Pianobook).The duo has performed dozens of concerts among which countless jazz festivals gigs in Europe including Banlieues Bleues Paris, Tribu Dijon, Copenhagen, Bergen, Bath, Groningen... Delbecq and Argüelles have founded multiple projects since they met in 1990.

Since 1996 nancalidicethrownbecauseshehoped
François Houle
Since its 1996 debut, this duo has regularly toured France, Holland and Canada, recorded compositions by both the clarinetist and the pianist and, more recently by Duke Ellington and both their mentor Steve Lacy.
more about duo Delbecq/Houle

Since 2006 liveauchatelet
Marc Ducret
After Benoît had joined forces in a couple of projects led by guitar adventurer Marc Ducret, their duo was formed for the Bleu sur Scène Festival in 2006. A second recording is in the air. The duo has performed in France and Canada.
more about duo Ducret/Delbecq

Since 2008 whereispannonica
Andy Milne
Both participants to the Steve Coleman-led Banff Jazz Workshop in 1990, where they met, long-timer friends Andy and Benoît started this collaboration in 2008 at the Banff Centre. Two pianos, sometimes partly prepared, and compositions by the players. In november 2012 they have worked at CalArts (CA) on "Strings and serpents" a multimedia project with artist Saki Murotani and the TsuguKadji koto duo from Japan. The duo has performed in France, USA and Canada. 
more about Milne/Delbecq duo


























































































































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