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Piano, keys, MadMacs and 9volt. Undocile jazz, beats, and more.

A brilliant and unconventional French pianist.____ 
Un pianiste Français brillant et original.
The New York Times

At once otherworldly and organic.____ A la fois étheré et organique.
The Georgia Straight (Vancouver)
NOTE, Sept 01, 2016: unfortunately Benoît Delbecq's thirteen records on Songlines (most of his leader's works) are not available on digital platforms since a couple of months. This due to complications of distribution in the US. Should be back shortly, a few weeks at the worst. Sorry...

with Emile Biayenda and Miles Perkin

    LE RUISSEAU (to JJ Avenel)  track edit >>>>> mp3               vimeo
                                                                                                              _____ a 7 mn film by Igor Juget
Best of 2015 - The New York City Jazz Record
CHOC Jazz Magazine / Jazz'man FEB 2016

ELU Citizenjazz.com  DEC 2015
**** in Allaboutjazz.com / Glenn Astarita  JAN 2016

none______  as a leader: Delbecq 3, Delbecq 5, Delbecq Unit, piano solo, Mad Macs, Fun House, Secret Heroes ...      

______ groups/collectives: Plug and Pray, Illegal Crowns, Antichamber Music, Medusa Beats,The Recyclers, Kartet, les Amants de Juliette, Ambitronix, Manasonics, Pianobook, Crystal Magnets, Strings and Serpents, Pianoctail, 4Hands 1Breath...

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______ multi-disciplinary projects

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22 MAY JORRIT DIJSKTRA + JOHN HOLLENBECK + BENOIT DELBECQ @ Galerie Paul Fort, Paris, 19:00. Mixing the record at PlushSpace the next couple of days. Recorded in Boston in January 2016.

30 MAY - 02 JUNE  SECRET HEROES at Ircam / Residency for the June 22 concert at Centre Pompidou Paris.

25 MAY  Un temps de réflexion Recording the music for a Juliette Touin film at PlushSpace Paris. With Steve Argüelles and Pol Delbecq. Producer Steve Argüelles.

22 JUIN   SECRET HEROES (précédé de "En présence de William Burroughs") with Ashley Slater, voice and trombone, Jozef Dumoulin, Fender Rhodes, tronics, Gilbert Nouno, latpop, and Benoît Delbecq, piano and drum'n bass station. Opening of the Centre Georges Pompidou exhibition BEAT GENERATION.

27 JUN- 03 JUL BC tour in Canada and a recording. Concerts with François Houle Quartet, Delbecq solo, Houle-Delbecq duo, a first collaboration with swedish maestro Mattias Risberg and a recording in Vancouver for Songlines as a guest in with François Houle's trio (with G Grdina and K Loewen) on July 3rd.

08 JULY  4 HANDS and 1 BREATH Steve Argüelles and Benoît Delbecq play four hands prepared piano, with maverick Pierre Bastien on prepared trumpet and objects. Festival MIMI, Iles du Frioul, Marseille.

29 JULY  Claudia Solal, Katherine Young, Benoît Delbecq @ Galerie Paul Fort, Paris. Thanks to THE BRIDGE !

02 AUG  Sarah Murcia Never Mind the Future with Mark Thompkins, Olivier Py, Franck Vaillant, Gilles Coronado, Benoît Delbecq. Angers.

01 SEP Sarah Murcia Never Mind the Future with Mark Thompkins, Olivier Py, Franck Vaillant, Gilles Coronado, Benoît Delbecq. Festival de Paris La Villette

19-20 SEP Workshop/Master-classes at Conservatoire National de la Villette, Jazz Department, Paris between september 2016 and april 2017.

30 SEP - O1 OCT A Celebration of Corin Curschellas with Corin Curschellas, Steve Argüelles, Noël Akchoté, Benoît Delbecq any MANY MANY more musicians who have collaborated with Corin since her début. Zürich, CH.

13 OCT Sarah Murcia Never Mind the Future with Mark Thompkins, Olivier Py, Franck Vaillant, Gilles Coronado, Benoît Delbecq. Festival de Paris La Villette

14 OCT Edward Perraud Synaesthetic quintet - with Bart Maris, Daniel Erdmann, Benoît Delbecq, Arnault Cuisinier, Edward Perraud. Hamburg (D).

16-20 OCT Les Glaciers Grondants, a play by and directed by David Lescot. A week of performances in China.

R E C E N T   R E L E A S E S


1 > 0
Toma gouband, stones, leaves and metal - Nelson Veras, acoustic guitar - Benoît Delbecq, piano.
On Astropi.

Illegal Crowns
Tylor Ho Bynum, cornet, flugehorn - Mary Halvorson, guitar - Benoît Delbecq, piano - Tomas Fujiwara, drums.
On Rogue Art.


Benoît Delbecq, piano - Miles Perkin, bass - Emile Biayenda, drums, percussions (on Cleanfeed)

ADJ electro
Serge Adam, tp, Usine -- Benoît Delbecq, keys, drum'n bass station -- Philippe Foch, tablas, perc, fx
Recording in 2014, mixed and mastered by Djengo Hartlab. Vinyl and files only.

Joëlle Léandre, bass - Carnage the Executioner, beatbox and tronics - Benoît Delbecq, p and tronics
Recorded live at Sons d'Hiver Festival@Dunois, early 2013.

Joëlle Léandre, bass - Benoît Delbecq, p - François Houle, clarinets
Recorded live at Galerie Paul Fort in 2014.


KARTET's 6th album as well as 25th anniversary of the group !
Grand Laps
CHOC Jazz Magazine - Jazz'man - March 2014


Guillaume Orti, saxophones - Benoît Delbecq, piano - Hubert Dupont, bass - Stéphane Galland, drums
on Songlines - Out Feb 2014. Recorded at Studio de Meudon in 2013 by Etienne Bultingaire. Produced by Benoît Delbecq.

<<<< A film by Igor Juget  >>>>

John Hébert Trio with Benoît Delbecq and Gerald Cleaver
ELU Citizenjazz.com

on Clean Feed - Out January 2014. Recorded dec 2012 at Tedesco Studio, NJ USA. Produced by Benoît Delbecq.
VIDEO _____>>>>>>> Cold Brewed (Hébert) @ Tedesco Studios NJ.


Samuel Blaser - Gerry Hemingway - Benoît Delbecq
Nuscope 1027
CHOC Jazz Magazine Jazzman FEB 2014

Fourth Landscape
Samuel Blaser, trombone
Benoît Delbecq, piano
Gerry Hemingway, drums and percussion
Produced by Benoît Delbecq and Russel Summers. Recorded and mixed by Etienne Bultingaire; January 2013.
Record of the month / New York City Jazz Record, dec. 2013.
Honorable mention, Best of 2013 New York City Jazz Record
Best of 2013, jazzin.rs / Predrag Vlahović
Samuel Blaser awarded Musicians of 2013 by the New York City Jazz Record magazine.

Fun House
Benoît Delbecq and Fred Hersch Double Trio
featuring JJ Avenel, Mark Helias, Steve Argüelles and Gerry Hemingway


Sélection Le Nouvel Obs

Best of 2013, Jazz Magazine
Best of 2013, New York City Jazz Record
Best of 2013,
jazzin.rs / Predrag Vlahović

 <<<<  a  film  by Igor Juget >>>>

"Delbecq's mastery of extended techniques combined with Hersch's acute sense of harmony is a pleasure to hear." DOWNBEAT, May 2013

"This double trio recording is literally amazing: a mesmerizing house of mirrors, a dream one would not wish to be awoken from." B. Loupias, Le Nouvel Observateur, February 2013.

"An astounding fluidity. A music that's rare." Ludovic Florin / Jazz Magazine, Mars 2013, record of the month.

"Everybody does a lot of tightrope walking on Fun House (Songlines), a haunting double-trio session with French pianist Benoît Delbecq, bassist Jean-Jacques Avenel, and drummer Steve Argüelles (Hersch is accompanied by bassist Mark Helias and drummer Gerry Hemingway). Delbecq wrote nearly all the music, but though his prepared piano and electronic manipulations take center stage, Hersch is just as invested, reacting to his fellow keyboardist with precision and empathy—their give-and-take is refined and subtle, producing a chamberlike sound that’s startling in its clarity and lack of clutter. The terse, meditative compositions are harmonically ambiguous and drift like clouds—Hemingway and Argüelles do a marvelous job reinforcing the latter effect—but Hersch helps ground and focus them." Peter Margasak / THE CHICAGO READER, Dec 2013.

"La combinaison du jeu au piano préparé de Delbecq avec le délicat sens harmonique de Hersch sont un plaisir à écouter". DOWNBEAT, Mai 2103.

"Cet enregistrement en double trio est, au sens propre, inouï: un troublant jeu de miroirs, un songe dont on ne voudrait jamais se réveiller."  Bernard Loupias / Le Nouvel Observateur, Fev. 2013.

"Un album d'une fluidité confondante. Une musique rare." Ludovic Florin / Jazz Magazine, Mars 2013. 

With the grateful assistance of the French American Jazz Exchange Program (F/USA) as well as the DGCA / Ministère de la Culture (F).
Cover photo by Roderick Packe.

More about Fun House


Benoît Delbecq "Crescendo in Duke"
featuring Jean-Jacques Avenel, Tony Malaby, Tony Coe, Antonin-Tri Hoang, Steve Argüelles, Michael Nelson and the Hornheads, Yohannes Tona, Michael Bland. Recorded in Meudon (F) and Minneapolis (USA), november 2011. 
Years after a bunch of fruitful collaboration on "Les films de ma ville" (nato, 1993), "Buenaventura Durrutti" (nato, 1997) and large ensemble Los Incontrolados (unreleased), producer Jean Rochard and Benoît are back on crew for a daring and joyful project on Mr Ellington's rarely heard compositions such as Goutelas Suite, Tina, Acht O'Clock Rock, Bateau etc.

 >>>>  a  film  by Igor Juget

 because she hoped
Benoît Delbecq / François Houle BECAUSE SHE HOPED (Songlines, released Nov 2011)
Recorded by Etienne Bultingaire in Alfortville, France, Jan 18, 2011
_____ François Houle and Benoît reunite for their third CD on Songlines, celebrating a 15 year long lasting musical collaboration.CRITIC'S CHOICE in THE NEW YORK TIMES, dec 2011. Recommended by David Adler / All About Jazz New York, New York @night columnist.
 >>>>  a  film  by Igor Juget

RVB BOOKS, 2011. Music by Benoît Delbecq

______GRAND PRIX INTERNATIONAL DU DISQUE 2010 Académie Charles Cros
          "Un extraordinaire diptyque." --- "An extraordinary diptych." ____ Le Nouvel Observateur

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